Our state of the art production facility combines modern day technology with traditional old-world Italian shoemaking and craftsmanship, typically only available to the biggest luxury brands in the world. 

 Our conveniently located factory, design studio, sample room, show room, leather room, and photo studio, are located in the heart of midtown’s garment center: 247 West 38th Street in New York City. 


Our Services

We have years of experience developing all different types of shoes and love to challenge ourselves with new concepts and interesting parts.

Our staff can work with your existing materials or help you develop your product from a sketch. Graphic design, technical design (including sketch on last), merchandising, logo design, renderings and spec sheets are just some of the ways we can assist to develop your design.




We have an extensive last collection at Made in Midtown which we have developed over the years. If the shape is a classic we could have a last which will work for a sample at our factory already.

An alternative would be using shoes you currently love to develop your own last with similar specifications and then we can use this last to develop all sorts of parts and components for your designs.



The Team

The craftsmen in our factory are all masters in the art of shoemaking, including some that have worked 30+ years making shoes. Since the decline of the fashion production industry throughout North America, qualified shoemakers have flocked to MIM to get reliable work. Thus, we have a congregation of some of the best shoemaking talent in the world.

In addition to our New York City factory, we also have spent many years strategically cultivating relationships with exceptional and trusted factories and suppliers in Italy, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Taiwan. This is one way we can cover such a wide variety of needs and services.

We visit our overseas factories up to six times a year, as well as our partners frequently visiting us, in order to maintain our supplies, see new and upcoming trends and products that have not yet reached the US market and always be on the same page with our partners.

Over 15 years of experience in Brand Startup, Merchandising, Manufacturing, design and more



Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, logistics and supply chain.


Pattern Master & Cutter

Over 10 years with MIM he is fluent in the details of quality shoes and finishing

Quality Control Specialist


Over 25 years of experience in lasting and shoe finishing of all kinds


Lasting Master and Finisher


247 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018, USA




From sketch to sku Made in Midtown is here to help up and coming designers to break into the footwear industry in the best way possible.

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Interested In Our Services?

Fill out the information below and we will reach out to you to discuss how best to proceed. 


After our many cultivated years of experience in the shoe industry we will consult with you on an  assessment of your product, the best ways to produce, cost and steps of developing the shoe from “scratch” and step by step discussion on product development and production

We can take care of all development from choosing the correct last to revisions, pullovers, fit trial & edits, pattern-making, editing & more we can handle all development, or you can bring us a completely developed shoe to copy. We will develop CADs, tech packs, blueprints, spec sheets, as well as other types of testing if required


If your project requires it we can make sole molds and component molds 3D-printed models, production molds (compression or injection molds), developing components, hardware, developing outsoles & insoles



From helping to create your logo to branding dies for samples we handle all aspects of branding your shoe samples in the best way for marketing and the current sales environment

Welcome to Modern Vice’s Footwear Development and Private Label division!

Located at the heart of New York City's garment district, Made in Midtown caters to any and all your needs for all types of shoes. Made in Midtown is one of just a few places in the world and the only place in New York City where shoe design, development, production, digital content and web services, for any size brand, meet under one roof.

Made in Midtown is fluent in all types of design, development, and production and allows designers to visit the factory for follow-ups on sampling and production runs, which is not possible when manufacturing overseas. Over the past 50 years, as fashion production left the USA, the relationship between design and production became distant. Made in Midtown lends its production and shoe expertise to advise designers on creating products in the most cost effective and efficient ways.

Typically, the few remaining footwear manufacturers in the United States focus in on one style, whether it is workwear, athletic or casual. M-I-M is the only factory that develops a full range of styles from A to Z.

About Us

With staff overseas in both Europe and Asia we have access to some of the best tanneries and material suppliers and the best factories for branded components.

We can source existing parts/components from the open market or we can develop a customized program using molds.


We will work on sourcing leathers, lasts, and components for your project while getting your approval on each component along the way


Over 30 years of experience in pattern making and shoe design and manufacturing


Director of Operations

Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing shoes and stitching


Master Stitcher

From product shots to lifestyle images and reels our facility not only provides a great and colorful backdrop for shoots but we have worked with some of the best professionals in the business and can work with you to get some of the best content on the market today.

"Vision without execution is hallucination"                                                     -Thomas Edison